Fountain Awards Overview

Entries must be for work created between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 to be eligible.

When possible, one Fountain Award and one Certificate of Merit will be awarded in each category below and one “Best of Show” will be awarded overall. However; when warranted, additional awards or certificates may be given within a category, or no award or certificate may be awarded.

BACK AGAIN BY POPULAR DEMAND: All attendees at awards ceremony on May 14 will be able to view all entries and cast their vote for the 2018 People’s Choice Fountain Award.

Scroll down to view award categories and entry preparation instructions.


Entry Fees

Entry fee for April 6, 2018 deadline:
BMA/AMA/ANA Member Fee Per Entry (1-6 Entries) — $65
BMA/AMA/ANA Member Fee Per Entry (7+ Entries) — $60
Non-Member Fee Per Entry (1-6 Entries) — $85
Non-Member Fee Per Entry (7+ Entries) — $80

Physical entries due by 4 pm on Friday 4/6 at EAG offices, 2029 Wyandotte, Suite 101, Kansas City, MO 64108.  

Payments must be received with your entries. To pay entry fees online, click here, select the correct “Entry Fees” category, set quantity, and click “Order Now.” A processing fees of 2.9% + .30¢ per card transaction will be applied at checkout.

If paying by check, checks must be received no later than 4 p.m., Friday, 4/6/18 at BMA KC c/o EAG, 2029 Wyandotte, Suite 101, Kansas City, MO 64108. Payments not received by that date and time will be subject to disqualification. Payments must be received with your entries.


The Business Marketing Association of Greater Kansas City and Fountain Awards Judges retain full discretion over the correct categorization of entries and determination of eligibility, and also reserve the right to award more than or less than the stated quantity of awards, as entries warrant.

Entries Collected At:

EAG Advertising & Marketing
2029 Wyandotte, Suite 101
Kansas City, MO 64108
P: 816.842.0100

Hours Accepted:
9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM M-F

Entry Deadline:
Friday, April 6, 2018

Judging Criteria



Finalists Announced May 14

Fountains winners and People’s Choice Award announced at May 14 Awards Celebration.

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Award Categories

Advertising (Consolidated our Print, Display and Online Advertising into one top level category)

  • A1 — Single Ad
  • A2 — Ad Series/Campaign
  • A3 — Signage
  • A4 — Mobile Marketing
  • A5 — POP Display
  • A6 — SEM / PPC

Brand Identity (FKA Business Identity)

  • B1 — Logo Design
  • B2 — Stationery
  • B3 — Identity Program
  • B4 — Brand Campaign

Sales Enablement (Renamed from collateral/promotional meterials)

  • C1 — Sales Package
  • C2 — Product Brochure
  • C3 — Flyer/Sales Sheet
  • C4 — Specialty Item

B2B Direct Mail

  • D1 — Direct Mail Piece
  • D2 — Direct Mail Campaign
  • D3 — Dimensional Direct Mail – single or series

B2C Direct Mail

  • D4 — Direct Mail Piece
  • D5 — Direct Mail Campaign
  • D6 — Dimensional Direct Mail – single or series

B2B Email Marketing

  • E1 — Promotional Email – Single
  • E2 — Promotional Email – Series/Campaign

B2C Email Marketing

  • E3 — Promotional Email – Single
  • E4 — Promotional Email – Series/Campaign

B2B Integrated Program

  • F1 — Integrated campaign under $25,000
  • F2 — Integrated campaign $25,001 – $50,000
  • F3 — Integrated campaign over $50,000

B2C Integrated Program

  • F4 — Integrated campaign under $25,000
  • F5 — Integrated campaign $25,001 – $50,000
  • F6 — Integrated campaign over $50,000

B2B Social Marketing

  • G1 — Social media campaign
  • G2 — Social Event

B2C Social Marketing

  • G3 — Social media campaign
  • G4 — Social Event


  • H1 — Content Strategy
  • H2 — Educational events (webinar/seminar/roundtable)
  • H3 — Nurture/drip program utilizing content

Event Marketing

  • I1 — Traffic-generating Promotion
  • I2 — Exhibit Booth (submit photo(s) of show-ready display, preferably at show site)
  • I3 — Special event held for customers or prospects

Internal Marketing

  • J1 — Community, Charitable event
  • J2 — Internal communications (newsletter, email)
  • J3 — Intranet

Public Relations

  • K1 — Media kit
  • K2 — Integrated PR Program


  • L1 — Video – under $10,000
  • L2 — Video – over $10,000


  • M1 — Web (new or redesign) – under $25,000
  • M2 — Web (new or redesign) – $25,001 – $50,000
  • M3 — Web (new or redesign) – over $50,000
  • M4 — Landing page or micro site for a targeted program or product
  • M5 — Blog or Forum
  • M6 — SEO program

Entry Preparation

All entries must be submitted online. Each entry will have a physical entry that has the work on the front and the email from your submission form on the back.

Remember that your entries will be displayed for the judges and banquet attendees as you submit them, so packaging and presentation could make a difference. Also keep in mind that entries will be packaged together, shipped, loaded in the back of cars, carried, moved around and generally manhandled. PLEASE be sure they are constructed securely and won’t come apart. Entries that become separated from their mounting boards and entry information may be disqualified. Each board should include an easel.

One copy of your entry form must be securely affixed to the back of each entry and a second copy must accompany your entry fee check or online payment receipt. We cannot be responsible for entries that become separated from their entry forms.

Printed Entries must be mounted on 22″ X 28″ mounting boards. For ease of entry display and judging, PLEASE DO NOT USE OVERSIZED MOUNTING BOARDS AND DO NOT PLACE YOUR COMPANY NAME ON THE BOARD OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION.  When an entry requires more than one board, secure boards together so they fold to 22″ X 28″. Affix a 3″ X 5″ card to the upper right corner of the face side of the board indicating the category number and name (e.g. C1, Logo Design). Affix a copy of your entry form to the upper right corner of the back of the board.

  • Oversize entries — Large entries (like posters) are best presented to the judges in reduced size to fit on the mounting board, along with a mounted photograph of the post hanging alongside something that will provide perspective to its actual size. If this is impractical, however, posters submitted rolled up in tubes are accepted, provided that a copy of the entry form is affixed to both the poster and the tube.
  • Dimensional Entries — These may be submitted unmounted, mounted or as a mounted photograph. If unmounted, affix your company name and the entry category to the entry and place it in a protective package. Securely affix that entry form to the outside of the package.
  • Video entries — These must be submitted with one entry per DVD/CD, with the entry itself labeled with your company name, the entry category and title. Package in a 9 X 12″ envelope, and affix the entry form to the front of the envelope.
  • Interactive Entries — These should be submitted by mounting print—outs of the home page or email plus other sample pages on 22″ X 28″ mounting boards. Be sure to include your URL somewhere on the board and on your entry form. And don’t forget to affix your entry form to the upper right back of the board.

Please No company names placed on the board, but place the entry category on the board ( e.g. A1, B1, C1, etc).

Attach your entry email to the back for the judges to read.

Videos should be on jump drive, put in envelope and attached to board, labeled as other entries with the entry category and the entry Email attached on back for the judges to read.

Anything that doesn’t comply can be eliminated. We need consistency for judging and displaying at the awards show.

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